Corpse Reviver #2

Spirit:  1 oz Gin

Sweetener:  1 oz Lillet, 1 oz Orange Liqueur

Bitter/Acid:  1 oz Lemon Juice, Dash of Absinthe, Zest of Orange

Garnish:  Orange Peel

Preparation:  Combine ingredients in a mixing glass.  Pour ingredients into an ice-filled shaker.  Shake for 10 seconds.  Strain into cocktail glass.  Add zest of orange and garnish with orange peel.

This is a classic cocktail that is attributed to Harry Craddock, author of The Savoy Cocktail Book.  I obtained this version of the recipe from Imbibe Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Corpse Reviver #2

  1. Looking at the recipe, it seems as though it would be unbalanced, 2oz of sweetener to 1oz of citrus. But the corpse reviver no.2 is one of the most balanced drinks I have ever tasted.

    It’s really rare to find something where you can identify every flavour, and when you taste it you can really taste the herbal notes of the gin, the sweetness of the cointreau, the zing from the lemon, the floral notes of the lillet and an ever so subtle anise note bringing it all together.

    Man its seriously one of my favourite cocktails of all time, I think I might just have to write about this one next!

    Good post!

    • Thanks! The secret ingredient, in my opinion, is the dash of absinthe. It modifies the sweetness and gives the drink an interesting flavor profile. Cheers!

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