Edith Bunker Cocktail

Spirit: 1.5 oz Rye Whiskey

Sweetener:  .5 oz Maraschino Liqueur, 1 oz Lillet Blanc

Acid/Bitter:  2 oz Orange Juice, 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Preparation:  Combine ingredients in an ice-filled double old-fashioned glass.  Stir.

This recipe is attributed to Stew Ellington of Oakland, California and is found on the website kindredcoctails.com

Penicillin Cocktail

Spirit:  2 oz Blended Scotch Whisky

Sweetener:  .75 oz ginger-honey syrup (see recipe below)

Acid/Bitter:  .75 oz Lemon Juice

Garnish:  .25 oz Islay Single Malt Scotch; Candied Ginger or Lemon Peel

Preparation:  Place all ingredients, except for the Single Malt Scotch and garnish, into a mixing glass.  Pour into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake.  Strain into a double old-fashioned glass with a large ice cube.  Float the Single Malt Scotch on the top of the drink and garnish with a candied ginger or lemon peel.

This recipe is attributed to Sam Ross of Milk & Honey in New York City.

Ginger-Honey Syrup:  Combine 1/2 cup honey and 1/2 cup water in a saucepan over medium heat and whisk until well combined.  Add an ounce of peeled, sliced fresh ginger and bring to a boil; reduce heat and simmer for 10 minuted.  Allow to cool completely and strain into a bottle.  I found this recipe for the ginger-honey syrup on the website cocktailchronicles.com.

An alternative to creating a ginger infused honey syrup is to use a honey simple syrup and then muddle 3 slices of fresh ginger into the bottom of the cocktail shaker prior to adding the ingredients.  This technique is recommended by Paul Clarke of seriouseats.com for home mixologists because the ginger flavor can lose its luster before a bottle of the infused honey syrup is gone.

Cocktail a la Louisiane

Spirit:  .75 oz Rye Whiskey

Sweetener:  .75 oz Sweet Vermouth

Bitter/Acid:  .75 oz Benedictine, Dash of Absinthe or Herbsaint, Dash of Peychaud’s Bitters

Garnish:  Maraschino cherry

Preparation:  Pour ingredients is an ice-filled mixing glass.  Stir for 20-30 seconds.  Strain into cocktail glass.  Garnish with a maraschino cherry.

This was once the house cocktail at the famous French restaurant in New Orleans called the Restaurant de la Louisiane.

Corpse Reviver #2

Spirit:  1 oz Gin

Sweetener:  1 oz Lillet, 1 oz Orange Liqueur

Bitter/Acid:  1 oz Lemon Juice, Dash of Absinthe, Zest of Orange

Garnish:  Orange Peel

Preparation:  Combine ingredients in a mixing glass.  Pour ingredients into an ice-filled shaker.  Shake for 10 seconds.  Strain into cocktail glass.  Add zest of orange and garnish with orange peel.

This is a classic cocktail that is attributed to Harry Craddock, author of The Savoy Cocktail Book.  I obtained this version of the recipe from Imbibe Magazine.

Vieux Carre

  • .75 oz Rye Whiskey
  • .75 oz Cognac
  • .75 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • .25 oz Benedictine
  • 1 dash Peychaud’s Bitters
  • 1 dash Angostura Bitters

Garnish:  Lemon Zest

Glass:  Old-Fashioned

Tools:  Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon, Julep Strainer

Preparation:  Combine ingredients in an ice-filled mixing glass.  Stir for 20 seconds.  Strain into a double old-fashioned glass over large ice.

This is a classic cocktail recipe from the 1920’s in New Orleans.